This is a warning to all villains satanic,
to terrorists and Chinese and those who are Hispanic.
And you’re doomed to violence verging on the volcanic,
If you’re from nineteen-forties and even partly Germanic.
Because I’m armed with weapons and vehicles titanic,
And people keep saying that I’m messianic.
Basically, now is the right time to panic,
If you’re not American and fairly gigantic.

Context is something that I’m just not needing,
The premise is simple and hardly misleading,
Just make sure that all that you see ends up bleeding,
And when you’ve killed more than smallpox, just keep on proceeding.
Regardless of whether their force is receding,
Or if they’ve put down their guns and are desperately pleading,
They’re just dandelions, and we’re here for weeding.
Besides – they’re so poorly armed, they can’t stop us succeeding.

Joel Franey, 2015

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